RAPID is an acronym for Revitalising Areas through Planning, Investment and Development. RAPID is a programme for government which means that all agencies with a remit under the RAPID programme must prioritise designated RAPID areas in their local service delivery plans, thereby helping to improve the quality of life and the opportunities available to residents of the most disadvantaged communities. The local authority, in this case Limerick City and County Council, is the lead agency in every RAPID programme.

Rathkeale is the first town in County Limerick to be included under RAPID. With the primary focus on disadvantaged areas and people, the positive implications for the town are significant with better integrated planning and development of services now expected.

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Rapid Structure
Area Implementation Team

The local authority is the lead agency in every RAPID programme but all relevant statutory agencies are involved. One representative from each of these agencies plus five community members comprise an Area Implementation Team [AIT] which is the decision-making body of the programme.

Membership of Rathkeale AIT:

  • Representative of each relevant State Agency
  • Representatives of local community [5]
  • Representative of Integrated Local Development Company [West Limerick Resources]
  • Representative from Youth Services
  • Elected Local Representative [1]

Community Forum

At the heart of the RAPID structure is a Community Forum which serves as the voice of the community. Made up of twenty one members, nominees from the Community Forum sit on the task-groups established to develop plans around RAPID’s seven strategic themes. It is very important that every organisation, club, association or other voluntary or community body participate in the RAPID programme to ensure that the interests of its members are properly represented in the programme. It is from the community forum that the five community representatives on the AIT are drawn.

Task Groups

There are seven strategic themes, which are further developed by task-groups, [headed by a representative of the relevant statutory body]. Nominees from the Community Forum sit on the various task-groups which develop plans for its area of responsibility and submit them to the AIT for review / approval at the local level. Responsibility for the Task-groups has been apportioned as follows:

  1. Family Support – WLR with input and support from the DSFA
  2. Community Safety and Anti-social behaviour – Garda
  3. Health – HSE
  4. Physical Environment – Local Authority
  5. Youth Support – Limerick Youth Service
  6. Education – VEC
  7. Employment & Training – FAS

Note: The seven strategic themes do not necessarily imply that there will be seven task-groups as overlap and/or common interest may indicate that these common interests or issues would be better served by a single integrated task-group.

For further information please contact

Denis Robinson, Rathkeale, Pre Social Cohesion Development Officer
Phone: 087-273-9663
Email: drobinson@wlr.ie

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