TUS Programme

TUS is a national activation initiative for those who are unemployed and on the Live Register. It is designed to provide short term working opportunities for unemployed people. All the work carried out by participants in the Tús programme supports community and voluntary bodies providing a broad range of services of benefit to communities. The Department of Social Protection is responsible for the operation of TUS, it is managed at a local level in the West Limerick Area by West Limerick Resources.

There are two avenues by which a person may become a participant on the scheme. The principle method sees potential participants being selected and contacted by their local social welfare office and offered the opportunity to participate in the scheme. Alternatively an individual who wishes to participate on the scheme may self-refer through their local TUS office. A TUS supervisor will take their personal details and help them to fill out the Tús self referral form. The person will then be sent to local social welfare office where eligibility for the scheme is assessed.

Participants work for 19½ hours a week and the placement lasts 12 months. There are approximately 140 places in the West Limerick area.

TUS Office Contacts

TUS Office Phone: 069 77752/77753
TUS Office Email: tus@wlr.ie

TUS Supervisors

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