Volunteer Support Service

The Volunteer Support Service, now know as Limerick Volunteer Centre, exists to promote volunteering in Limerick City and County. The service is operated by the three local partnerships in Limerick: Ballyhoura Development (East Limerick), PAUL Partnership (Limerick City) and West Limerick Resources. Limerick Volunteer Centre is a member of Volunteer Centres Ireland, Ireland’s national network of volunteer centres.

The Volunteer Support service aims to enhance the level of volunteering to all sectors of the community and to encourage and promote the growth of this valuable asset. The role of the Volunteer Support Service is to facilitate the introduction of potential volunteer to organisations seeking people and to provide training, information and support to organisations on volunteering matters.

Our Activities include:

  • Promoting Volunteering
  • Facilitating and supporting volunteer recruitment for community groups
  • Linking people with volunteering opportunities
  • Providing Training and support to community and voluntary organisations
  • Providing information on Volunteering
  • Running a Corporate Volunteering Initiative
  • Operating a dedicated website devoted to volunteering in Limerick – http://www.volunteerlimerick.ie

For further information contact:

Paul Moriarty: pmoriarty@wlr.ie or paul@volunteerlimerick.ie

Geraldine Clancy: gclancy@wlr.ie

Phone: 087 7387481

Website: http://www.volunteerlimerick.ie

Our Partners